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Words of Wisdom from my Dad

My dad is the wisest person I know. I am so blessed that he regularly emails me (and my siblings) his thoughts on all manner of things. Last weekend, he sent me this:

"I had an insight while out praying today.  I was reflecting on the passion and imagining the terror of that ordeal that from start to finish probably lasted 18 hours and I realized that Christ was not afraid as we would be, not because he was God but because he trusted in God.  In other words fear is frequently about what is to come, but I am thinking that Christ lived in the moment which was in harmony with His Father.  In other words Christ had no need to look beyond the present because he trusted in His Father to provide for his every need.  In that sense Christ’s reference to the birds of the air makes a whole lot more sense.  The lesson is clear for all of us.  Stop worrying about the future.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Live today and let God take care of tomorrow.  Mother often said that God takes care of his own."

The mother to whom my Dad refers is my grandmother, Mama Connie. I miss her so much!

Side story - her luggage got lost, so the only thing she had to wear to my wedding was the dress she wore on the plane. She was so embarrassed. I think she looked beautiful.

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