Monday, May 16, 2011

Review of Wondermaps from Bright Ideas Press

WonderMaps from Bright Ideas Press is perhaps my favorite new homeschooling product this year.  I am a self-proclaimed map junkie.  If there is a popular homeschooling map product, be assured that I have it.  (I'm not going to name drop, but surely everyone knows about whom I am speaking!)  Every time I find out about a new homeschool map product, I want it.  Fortunately, when Bright Ideas Press released its new WonderMaps software, I received a copy free in exchange for my review! Well, don't tell Tyler Hogan this, but the truth is that I would buy this software in a second -- and I would pay more than $49.95 for it.  If you're a map junkie like I am, then the first question you will undoubtedly ask is, "What makes these maps different from all the others out there?"

Unlike the other major map offerings available to homeschoolers, WonderMaps is interactive.  Historical maps are wonderful; I love them.  Modern day maps are equally exciting.  The conundrum for many homeschoolers, though, is finding a way meaningfully to show the evolution from the past to the present.  How exactly did the Holy Roman Empire go from being a dominating presence in Europe to becoming just so many European countries? Well, you as the homeschooling mom will have to go through the historical ins and outs with your children, but Bright Ideas Press has made sure that you will be able to show your kids exactly what that transition looks like.  In other words, how did the Europe of yesterday look, in direct comparison to the Europe of today? How does Bright Ideas accomplish this? Historical map overlays! Perhaps you've tried using overheads to create such an overlay in your homeschool; I have.  Now, not only will I never again have to do that, but I can map such overlays with easy, clear, and precise maps!

Your options when using WonderMaps are endless.  You can choose to create physical overlays, showing rivers, mountain ranges, regions, and anything else you can think of.  You can choose to show merely a physical map.  You can choose from a variety of ways to display your maps as well.  Every time I think that I have plumbed the depths of this cool software, I think of something else to try! With over 350 different maps, including 125 historical maps, it may be awhile before I really do find everything this software does.

Rather than try to explain what WonderMaps can add to your homeschool, I heartily recommend watching the introductory YouTube video.  I have the feeling that you'll be hooked, just as I was!

If you use maps in your homeschool at all, or if you've been thinking maybe you should start, look no further than WonderMaps.  If you know Bright Ideas Press at all (think Mystery of History), then you may have had some experience with their wonderful customer service.  For $49.95, the purchase price of WonderMaps, you can buy the assurance that you will never need to purchase any more maps.  Further,you will never again spend your time searching for just the right historical map on the Internet.

If you're interested in WonderMaps, visit the Bright Ideas website, watch the YouTube video, and if you still have questions, contact 877-492-8081.  You can also check out the Bright Ideas FAQ.

My homeschool has been immeasurably blessed by WonderMaps.  To see what others thought, check out the Crew blog.  

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