Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Quick Entertaining Recipe

Frozen Meatballs
Small jar grape jelly
Jar of Chili sauce

Put it all in the crock pot and crock it on low all day. Yep, that's it. Serve it on toothpicks, over rice, or any way you like. People will *never* guess how you made it and everyone will love it. I'll have to update the post with a picture because we already ate tonight's example! Happy New Year...

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Wow. I have so many posts in half-finished form right now. I have one comparing the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Paperwhite (with my thoughts about the iPad thrown in). I just realized that my family owns 5 Kindle Fires, 1 Paperwhite, 2 iPads, and a Google Nexus (to say nothing of the 2 desktops and 3 laptops). There is a lot of technology in this house (I forgot to mention the iPods and mp3 players). And I call myself a Luddite...yeesh.

In any case. I have all these posts started, but on 12/23, I got a massive migraine. It didn't go away until 12/27. Yep. I had it all through Christmas. At least (unlike on Christmases past) I didn't have to spend the whole day in bed. On 12/27 my headache went away...and I got sick. The kind of sick where you can't do ANYTHING. You know, the congestion and exhaustion...so most of that is better, but the legacy of the cough is here.

Enough whining. For now. The point is that within a few days you can expect posts on Kindles and Audible (I have, ahem, 902 books in my Audible library. Don't judge.).

Finally, does anyone have Munchkin?

Oh my gosh! What an awesomely fun game! We have played it twice since Christmas and can't wait to play it again! There are expansion packs out the wazoo, too :-)

I hope you had a blessed, happy, and HEALTHY Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kindle is on Amazon for $49!

There are so many reasons to get a Kindle, but the best one is the price -- and right now that price is $49! That's right, the basic Kindle is only $49 today! I honestly can't emphasize enough how much my kids love reading on Kindles and how convenient it is to be able to buy a book and then send it to every Kindle in my house at once. Jump on this deal. Tomorrow I'll write about Whispersync for Voice and Audible and why it is absolutely the best deal going...but you'll need a Kindle (or at least the app) to take full advantage of it!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Couple of Cyber Monday Makeup Deals!

Okay, so one of my obsessions is makeup. It's always been there, but it goes latent from time to time. It's not latent now. This will be a short post so it can get to Pintrest in time to make a difference! If you love Urban Decay, but don't love the prices, consider this amazing deal on the Book of Shadows IV!

On Cyber Monday, this bad boy is supposed to be available for $25. N.B.!! This is the Book of Shadows IV redux, UD's answer to its sold-out original. The CM deal is just noted as Book of Shadows with Revolution lipstick sample. Either way, it's a hugely good deal on some of the most amazing eye shadow out there!

If $25 is still a bit much for you, or you don't want to wait until tomorrow, or you like Smashbox just a tad more than UD, check out one more amazing deal:

This is Smashbox's Click, You're It eye palette which, if I remember correctly, was their 2012 holiday palette. Right now, at All Cosmetics Wholesale, this palette is under $18. Now, you won't get the primer and the lid may be bowed. It won't be boxed. HOWEVER, the shadows are still Smashbox quality! I can deal with the everything else!

Maybe you don't do high-end makeup at all. Click on over to ACW anyway. Check out their Wet n Wild section. I seriously need to do a whole blog post on WnW. Back in the day, I bought them because black lipstick was not cool (not like now when no high-end line is complete without its blackish shade), and WnW was the only company that made it! Quality was...not great. Times have changed. WnW lipstick is not my favorite, but the shadows are wonderful! Used over primer, they last and last. The colors are great. Well, ACW carries a ton of their discontinued stuff. They also carry other drugstore brands. And Lime Crime. Just had to throw that in there.

Hey, I know I'm 38 now, and I respect my husband's wishes that I not look like a circus clown, but the old me lurks not far below the surface :-D

Happy Cyber-Monday-ing!