Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review of National Tax Training School

Through my participation in the Review Crew, I had the opportunity to review National Tax Training School's Federal Individual Income Tax Course.  I have to say at the outset that this was the most generous, but the most intimidating, review product I have ever received.  Why generous? National Tax Training School retails for, depending on how you choose to pay for it (upfront, or with one of two installment plans), $795-$840.  Receiving that product free is amazing.  Why intimidating? I'm a words girl, not a numbers girl.  When I see numbers, I freeze.  I actually requested this review assuming that my husband would enjoy it.  He loves numbers, he always does our taxes, and he is always lamenting that he doesn't know more about the ins and outs of taxes, given that he owns a small business (and I'm a freelance writer, so an independent contractor).  He can't ever get over the idea that he is leaving some money on the table.  It's a fine line, wanting to give the federal government its due, but not wanting to give it any more than that!

However, as we all know, man plans and God laughs! My husband started working so many extra hours! He is supposed to work flex time, but he ended up working on his days off and weekends, too.  After experiencing panic attacks galore, I tentatively opened up the first of two huge boxes from National Tax Training School.

When you enroll in National Tax Training School, you receive so much material, including all of the following (follow the link for National Tax's very helpful descriptions; those provided here are my personal comments):

  1. Complete Text Material - contained within a binder, this is a staggering amount of material.  Now, a lot of it is sample tax forms, but there is so much information here! There are 20 complete units.
  2. Self-Check Practice Problems - After every chapter, there is a self-check section to review what you have learned.  If you can answer the questions in this section, which are more detailed and more numerous than those in the next section, you will do fine on the exam!
  3. Examination Problems - the exam is open book.  The point is not to trip you up or make sure that you read the material closely or took copious notes.  Rather, the exams act as a concise summary of all that you have learned in the chapter.  They are the perfect takeaway.  
  4. Instruction and Grading Service - The above exams are what you send away to be graded.  Self-addressed (but *not* stamped) envelopes are included for each exam.  After you answer each question, you mail away the exam.  The exams are returned *very* quickly with your grade.  You always have a good idea of where you stand in terms of your understanding.
  5. Practical Case Studies - this section begins the second part of the course.  It is probably the most interesting, as it presents "real-life" type tax example cases.  I guess reading through these was what I enjoyed most, because it put people behind the numbers.
  6. Student Guidance Service
  7. Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice book
  8. Reference Book
  9. Graduation Certificate
  10. Post-Graduation Services

The Federal Tax Income Course from National Tax Training School is not some kind of tax prep program nor, for the cost, is it probably ideal for the person who just wants to prepare her own taxes at home (although it will *certainly* make you proficient at that!).  Rather, the program is intended to enable you to become a tax professional.  With the inclusion of the book "Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice", you really do have everything you need to learn how to become a tax preparer.  The course will teach you what you need to know about taxes.  The graduation certificate and accreditation of the program will give you the credibility you need for people to trust you with their taxes.

So why would this program be reviewed on a homeschool mom's blog? What homeschool mom is not always on the lookout for a way to work from home? National Tax Training School provides a truly excellent way for the homeschool mom to bring in a substantial supplementary income for her family.  For the cost of the course (which can be paid in installments of as little as $159.95), the promise of future job stability is huge.  People will always need to have their taxes done, and National Tax Training School will always be there to support you once you have completed their course.

I truly do believe that this course represents a wonderful opportunity for homeschool parents! The material is comprehensible (I can't say easy to understand because some people just have a block when it comes to numbers! I have a Ph.D. and I freeze when I see numbers.) and the support is phenomenal.  If you put your mind to it, you can make it through this course and become a tax preparer.  If you like numbers and would like to work part time from home, this course was made for you!

There is so much to this course that you will definitely want to visit the FAQ page.  The course has also just added an online component for those who prefer online learning.  I know that there is a lot to assimilate regarding this particular review product.  This truly is one that you have to visit the National Tax Training School Website to explore.  But with 20 lessons, each taking about 8 hours to complete, you could be ready to launch your own tax business within 4-6 months.  If either a home-based business or tax preparation is something you have thought of, you must explore this product.


Disclaimer: I received National Tax Training School's Federal Income Tax Course free in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other compensation, apart from a whole new appreciation for people who deal with numbers for a living!


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