Friday, October 5, 2012

Living with Chronic Pain

I know I'm hardly the only person in the world who deals with this problem, but sometimes it can feel so isolating.  Chronic pain takes so many different forms, but the chronic pain I'm thinking of right now is migraine pain.

If you don't get migraines, you definitely know someone who does.  You might even be one of those people who gets them once or twice a month.  If you're one of those people, like me, who gets them three or so times a week - every week - I'm truly sorry.  You know what it's like to feel like entire weeks of your life are stolen from you (that's what happened to me this last week).  To feel like your children are raising themselves more than they are being raised by you.  To count among the blessings of homeschooling that you don't have to deal with getting your children to and from school which, to be honest, you don't think you could do many days.

I truly do believe that suffering is salvific.  I believe that one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was in teaching me that.  I know that any suffering I do here on Earth is infinitely less intense than the pains of Purgatory.  What I hate is how much I feel that my suffering affects my husband and children.  That's what my week has looked like.

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