Monday, October 22, 2012

Binders Full of Women

I was finally able to get out of bed long enough to read the news (last week had to have been one of the most hideous migraine weeks on record. I honestly feel like I'm emerging from some kind of fog. I'm truly terrified that I am going to get another headache any minute. It's been 2.5 days since I had one that put me to bed, so I definitely should be expecting one. /lament). So this "binders of women" comment about which I had seen and heard stray snippets and jokes could finally be placed in context. And I get it! There were binders! Of women! And it is so incredibly offensive! It is so completely understandable why the Left has its undies in a complete twist about this misogynistic, hateful remark.

...except it's really not. At all. He wanted to find qualified women to serve in MA government, so his advisers brought him binders of resumes. Of women. Am I the only person who is left completely stunned at the reaction here? Oh, I know the conservative pundits are all with me (or, more humbly, I'm with them), but where are the normal women standing up and saying

Please shut up and fight for something real! Stop wanting to turn our bodies into on-demand chop shops.  Stop trying to shove hormones down all of our (and our daughters') throats so that you can screw us with impunity (literally and physically).  Stop ever-so-smugly stealing our dignity under the guise of bestowing upon us a freedom that is not even yours to bestow.

Where are the real feminists? Do they truly have nothing better to do than yap about an innocuous comment? I am so insanely curious as to whether some of the liberal women I know are truly, in their heart of hearts, convinced that that is an actual issue instead of what it obviously is - a distraction from the fact that this president is failing so miserably that even his loyal media goosesteppers can't do much to help him right now.

I'm afraid that, unlike these oh-so-clever-and-clearly-a-lot-less-busy-than-I ladies who had a fun day of playing "dress up in a binder costume and protest," I'll have to evince my righteous anger at misogynistic politicians in other ways.  Like voting against them.  Of course, I define misogyny slightly differently.

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