Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of Beeyoutiful Makeup

I was so excited when I was chosen to review Beeyoutiful Skin's mineral makeup.  I have always wanted to try that mineral makeup that is advertised on TV, but I've been skeptical.  Trying something all-natural with no fillers from a small company already beloved by homeschoolers sounded even better!

The pictured package is very similar to the one that I got to review.  The only difference, in fact, is in addition to the smaller container of (in my case) mineral lip color on top, I also received a sample size of a mineral eye shadow.  I did get the gorgeous brush, foundation, and cute bag, though! I also got an instructional DVD telling me how to apply the makeup, which was good, since I had never worn mineral powder like this before (don't worry - the same instructions are available on the site!).

First of all, these are clearly high quality products.  The powders are fine and just saturated with color.  The foundation I chose from among three samples was a perfect match for my mostly fair, but getting older skin.  To get a thorough idea of what Beeyoutiful makeup is all about, watch the video linked to to the Beeyoutiful homepage.  This company cares deeply about the quality of its ingredients and the integrity of its product, and that shows in every aspect of its customer service, from its adorable website to its great packaging.  Given that their price is very competitive (to be discussed momentarily!), this is definitely a company worthy of support.

Having received my package in the mail, I first stroked the above brush lovingly while watching the directions on application.  Confident that I understood what to do (and very anxious to try the Laveshmint moisturizer, which was not part of my package, but which has gotten rave reviews from other Crew members and is on my "must buy" list), I headed off with great anticipation!

Carefully following all of the directions, I applied the Beeyoutiful foundation.  I used the technique for heavy coverage, as I have pretty bad rosacea (I never, ever leave the house without makeup, and I am so sensitive as to how red I am that I wouldn't even do a before and after shot for this review, even though I wanted to show what I am about to say).  I want to emphasize my next words: although this foundation could not combat my rosacea, I have only ever found one in my life that could (and, surprisingly, it's a drugstore brand).  I wanted this foundation to work.  I believe in this company and I really liked this product.  I used the foundation daily for a week, making subtle changes in the way I applied it to make sure that I was giving it every chance to cover my red bumps.  I applied it directly with my fingertips and with the brush. I used more and I used less.  I used toner as a base and I used moisturizer.  It simply didn't have what it took to cover my red.  However, on the parts of my face that don't have rosacea, it looked wonderful! Unfortunately, there are not enough such parts of my face for me to make the investment in this product.

However! Beeyoutiful also has other mineral makeup! I also got to try a sample of a light blue and cinnamon colored eye shadow, which I used as an eyeliner and lipstick, respectively.  This eyeliner lasted all day, and only came off when I washed my face.  Also, the small amount that I got lasted for weeks.  Finally, the brush that I applied it with, like the foundation brush, was top quality.  The cinnamon rose mineral powder, which I used as eye shadow and lipstick(!) was a wonderful neutral color that was completely non-irritating to my very sensitive skin.  These are definitely products that I would buy!

Although Beeyoutiful mineral foundation did not work for my skin, I remain excited about it as a product, and I truly think that it would be great for just about any skin type, with the exception of those like mine (hard core, stubborn rosacea).  The mineral eye shadow comes in more than 30 colors and lasts and lasts.  I loved it and I'm looking forward to trying more colors.  The foundation can be purchased at Beeyoutiful's website for $25.00.  The eye shadow is available for $10.  The containers may look small, but give the product a chance! I, too, was doubtful, but these products really do last and last.

Crew members received all kinds of great Beeyoutiful products, so you'll definitely want to check out the Crew blog for the other reviews!

Disclaimer: I received Beeyoutiful makeup free in exchange for my honest review (darn rosacea!).  I received no other compensation.

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