Saturday, October 19, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I would love to be able to post and say that I have been consumed by homeschooling blogs lately...but that would not be entirely (or even a little) true. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with nail polish. In fact, I wore black, blue, and green nail polish back when no one else did. Back when you could only get those colors in the super cheap brands. I used to paint my nails for hours every Sunday night. I would do elaborate designs. I would paint faces on my nails. I would do football themed designs (maroon and white on one hand, orange and white on the other - that means something to Texas residents (of course, what it means is that I have no loyalty to either team!)) at Thanksgiving.

In any case, when I had kids, I stopped caring quite so much. I didn't have time! For some reason, though, I recently started caring again...and nails have come a long way! People are doing things with their nails that I was doing 25 years ago - but the polishes are so much better :-D

So check out my Nail Polish Pintrest Board to see some of the styles I've been trying. The pics aren't mine (I just can't get good pics!), but many of the styles are not hard to copy (like the Glitter French!). With many polishes costing only $1.50, changing your nails frequently is a super-easy and cheap way to express yourself and try new things. Tomorrow, I'll post a picture of all of my recent nail polish acquisitions. My camera is on the fritz today :-(

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