Friday, October 1, 2010

Review of Foundlings, Book One of the Peleg Chronicles

There are many Christian children who long to join their peers in reading the very popular Fantasy genre of books, but are prevented from doing so by their religious beliefs.  One publisher, Zoe and Sozo (the very unique name has meaning: Zoe=Life, Sozo=Save, Deliver, Protect), has recognized that Fantasy books have much to offer children in the way of plot and characters, and that using this genre to attract children and to tell a story can actually also assist in delivering a powerful message.  The Peleg Chronicles, of which I received Book One, Foundlings, free for review in exchange for my opinion of it, is a projected trilogy (the first two have been published thus far) which all parents can feel good about their children reading.

Peleg Chronicles author Matthew Christian Harding is very clear about his position on some issues that are very important to many Christian parents: his books contain no magic, no evolution, and no humanism.  He considers them to be historical fiction, as well as fantasy, and the summary page for Foundlings cites numerous scripture passages demonstrating his faithful adherence to the Bible in his writing of this book.

Rather than reiterate the story here (a solid, non-spoiler summary is available here), I will instead say that this book will probably be enjoyed by children from about 8 and up.  It would make an excellent read-aloud, as younger children can certainly listen to and understand the story.  If your child has read more mainstream fantasy, this book may seem rather quaint, but that is undoubtedly the point! Encourage them to continue, as the story has many opportunities for wonderful talks on virtues like love, friendship, and faith.  There are many possible tie-ins to school lessons here, and not just to Religion classes.  If your child has not read any other Fantasy books, then you will want to run to buy this book immediately! Your child will be treated to dragons, giants, and shield-bearers, and you won't have to give a moment's worry as to whether she is being corrupted by teachings contrary to yours.

Foundlings, and its sequel Paladins, are available for purchase from Matthew Christian Harding's website for a suggested retail price of $11.95.  The website is also an excellent place to visit for more information about this exciting and new author - a welcome addition to the Christian authors scene.  You might want to request an autographed copy (like mine!); this author will be one to be reckoned with!

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