Friday, February 11, 2011

Review of Curiosity Files MRSA

Last year I had the chance to review The Curiosity Files before they were made available for purchase.  For this reason, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review another title in the series for The Old Schoolhouse.  TOS provided me with a free copy, in exchange for my review.

I'll be honest; I had no idea what MRSA was before working through this unit study.  I selected the topic with confidence, though, because I knew that Professor Ana Lyze, the narrator of the unit study, would walk me through MRSA step-by-step.  True, these studies are designed for children, but I find them both informative and delightful.

The MRSA study begins with a six-page description of MRSA.  It is replete with scientific fact, but is presented in such a manner that my seven year-old son had no problem getting a handle on the material.  The presentation of facts is followed by a short recall activity, in which students can demonstrate their understanding of what they read.

The Curiosity Files study then really begins to shine.  People who know unit studies are familiar with the format.  A unit study typically takes one topic and explores it from the perspective of various disciplines.  In this case, specifically, MRSA (and bacteria in general) is explored from a biblical, mathematical, geographical, historical, musical (!), and language arts perspective.  For example, you and your child will perform science experiments, study timelines, do spelling activities, engage in creative writing, do copywork, and so many more things.  While a study of MRSA is the take-off point for every activity, you don't have to love science to find this unit study completely engaging.  In fact, you just might find yourself more interested in science than you ever have been.

If you're interested in checking out this title, or any other Curiosity Files studies, head over to The Old Schoolhouse's store, where you can usually purchase them for $6.95 each.  However, as of this writing, these unit studies are on sale for $1.00!

There will definitely be a place in my schoolroom for The Curiosity Files series.  If you're interested in seeing what other crew members had to say about these unit studies, visit the Crew blog.

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