Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TruthSonBeautiful Curriculum

I have given in to curriculum insanity.  For Ancient History (focusing on Greece), I have bought Truthquest (a proven winner, but no lesson plans, which, it shames me to admit, I find myself needing more and more to keep me focused) and Beautiful Feet both.

Of course, I already own Tapestry of Grace! I justify this insanity by arguing that the programs offer different things.  The reading lists in Truthquest are just wonderful (but can't you do the same thing, Laura, by using Reading Through the Ages? Be quiet, Laura.  I don't want to hear that right now...), but I love the lessons in Beautiful Feet.  Interestingly, I have found nothing anti-Catholic yet, even though it is supposed to be an anti-Catholic publisher.  I really think this kind of bias only becomes a problem in the Reformation years.  I also don't think it is the problem that many others do.  People are coming at a subject from their own frames of reference.  After all, we teach that Luther was in error.  The difference, I think, is that non-Catholics don't often understand the details of Catholic theology.  Further, I'll be the first one to teach my children that the sale of indulgences was wrong.  I digress...

Today I completed my history through literature trifecta when I purchased the Sonlight instructor's guide for Core D - Introduction to American History.  I couldn't resist the chance to get it used for $33.00.  I really think my kids are going to like doing history this way.  I have spent more money on history curriculum than anything.  Why? I honestly think it is because history is my love and I have a degree in it.  I so badly want to teach my kids EVERYTHING!

If only I felt that way about science!

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