Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Video Games

In one of those "God-timing" things, The Homeschool Minute today was about video games and some ideas for handling them in families.  Everything that was posted is something that we do in my family, from finishing all school and chores before playing, to doing something for the house or the family before playing. Still, in my experience, video games still have an adverse effect on my family.  My kids tend to get grumpy after playing.  They *definitely* get grumpy when they don't get to play.  While taking them away does make a convenient consequence, I still really dislike the vibe they give the house.  To that end, I instituted a video game moratorium for a week in my house.  No one can ask me to play and I won't be offering.  I'll be curious to see how it goes.  I'd like to think that they won't want to start again, but, somehow I doubt that will come around!

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