Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of EMealz

Happily, there are many aids available to help busy moms plan and execute their shopping trips and weekly menus.  I have personally tried several of them! I have to say, though, that e-mealz is one of my absolute favorites.  I received a free subscription to e-mealz in exchange for my review, but I would have paid for this service anyway (and will continue to do so when my free subscription expires!).  e-mealz truly is a complete no-brainer.  Every bit of preparation and meal planning is done for you.

You choose the plan you want from the following options (there are so many!):

The available meal-type choices include Low Carb, Low Fat, Portion Control, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Regular.  If you choose the Regular plan, you have the further choice of preferred grocery store.  Why is the store important? Because e-mealz matches the current store sales to its recipes, meaning that you will be preparing meals whose ingredients are on sale! If you happen to be one of those couponing geniuses, this can only be a great thing for you!

I am blessed not to have finicky eaters, so I can't comment on whether the e-mealz choices are finicky-friendly.  I can say that the regular family plan includes very family-friendly meals like cracker-coated chicken, gumbo, and pastas.  The meals are all extremely easy to make (much easier than the meals I am accustomed to making, but that's the perfectionist in me), include easy to find ingredients, and include side dish suggestions.  While you can see examples of each menu on the website, this review would not be complete without a little sneak peek of my own meal plan.

The meals are all listed first (and for my OCD friends, they are listed as "Meal 1, Meal 2, etc." rather than by days of the week!), followed by the store-specific shopping list -- including prices! Speaking of money, seeing this guy on the site

just cements what a good deal e-mealz is! For $1.25 per week (billed in $15 installments every three months), you can have the plan of your choice.  Actually, you can have as many plans as you want, provided you pay for each subscription!

My family loves e-mealz.  It makes me life much easier, it adds variety to my family's dinner hour, and it might even be saving me money! If you still have questions about e-mealz, make sure to visit their FAQ.  If you want to read other moms' views of e-mealz, check out the Crew blog!

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