Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review of I See Cards - Fractazmic

I was thrilled to receive a copy of I See Cards' Fractazmic free in exchange for my review for several reasons.  First, I See Cards' Pyramath was the first Crew review I read last year (I didn't review the product).  Based on the Crew reviews, I bought Pyramath.  I have since gifted it multiple times.  When I saw a new I See Cards game, I knew it would be one my kids would love.  I was right.

I don't know what it is about fractions, but they seem to cause problems for so many kids.  Children who previously loved math find themselves hitting a wall.  Fortunately, the people of I See Cards completely understand this problem, and have come up with a marvelous solution.

Fractazmic cards (the set comes with 60) each display a fraction and an associated graphic.  The visual reinforcement really helps the concept of the fraction stay with the student.

The rules for playing this game are very straightforward, but as with other I See Cards games, there are many more ways to use the cards than just playing by the rules.

Children can play with the cards individually, using them to create multiples of one, or using them to create equivalent fractions.  These are only a couple of things my kids have done with the cards in the last month. Best of all, the quality of the cards is wonderful! They are of a heavy plastic and can withstand plenty of play!

Fractazmic is available for only $6.95, and can be purchased through I See Cards.  If you only make one math purchase this year (and if you have a child who either needs to learn fractions, or has had trouble learning them), Fractazmic should be it.

That's my read others, check out the Crew blog.

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