Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review of K5 Learning

K5 Learning is an online supplemental curriculum.  While it is not designed to be a complete curriculum in and of itself, it has a full spectrum of curriculum review, including math, spelling, reading, and math facts.  Students begin K5 Learning by taking an assessment to see where they fit into the program.

Far more than just "edutainment," K5 Learning offers solid instruction and review in 8 key skill areas.  Students are able to work independently, while parents are provided with an update which they can access any time.

With K5 Learning's format and parental reports, you really do get the feeling that you are privy to an actual look at your child's skills.  After all, for many homeschooling moms, we *think* we know what grade our children are in or what level their skills are at, but we are rarely ever completely sure (unless we have them take standardized tests, which are minefields in and of themselves for children who are poor test takers!).  K5 Learning takes the guesswork out of that process.  It is also excellent at isolating your child's weakness and filling in those gaps.

Complete with over 3,000 tutorials and activities, K5 Learning helps build your child's confidence by teaching them to work independently and allowing them to progress at their own pace.  Because K5 Learning also provides lessons, instead of just practice exercises, you can rest assured that your child will be *learning*, and not just playing (as can be the problem with other supplementary programs!).  The learning is accomplished in such a fun way and with such likable characters, though, that your child will not mind doing it at all!

I used K5 Learning primarily with my 2nd grade daughter.  I could tell right away that she really enjoyed it.  Because we are using Singapore Math, her knowledge of what is typically considered 2nd grade math is uneven.  Therefore, she was able both to learn and to feel accomplished at the same time.  I will confess that I did not have her spend as much time on K5 as we have spent on other online programs simply because I knew that we would not have it that long (we received a six week extension on the available-to-anyone two week free trial).  Because K5 Learning (while reasonably priced) is not something we would typically use in our mostly classical school, I knew that I would not be subscribing at the end of the trial period. Thus, I did not want her to get too used to doing it!

K5 Learning is a great option for parents who are required to document their schools for the state.  It allows you to print tangible evidence of the level your child is at, and it allows you to make sure that they are the grade you think they are (in case you are required to show that your child has actually learned and progressed in a given time).  K5 Learning is available in the following subscriptions:

  • Monthly: First child - $25, additional children - $15
  • Yearly: First child - $199, additional children - $129
A subscription gives you access to all four of the site's programs.

We liked K5 Learning, but it's a little too expensive for our family, given that it is not intended to be used as a full curriculum.  To find out how other Crew members are using K5 Learning in their schools, visit the Crew blog.

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