Friday, July 13, 2012

Review of Professor B Math

The program my three youngest children have been using for math for the last six weeks is one of my favorite review products ever.  I literally can't say enough good things about Professor B Math.  

On its face, Professor B may not be exactly what you would expect from a math program, but I promise that if you give it half a chance, you will most likely love it.  Professor B asserts that it will teach you to be a master teacher.  By teaching you how to teach your children, your children will learn math.  In fact, Professor B says that you can learn three years of math in one.  After using the professor for nearly two months, I can say that I believe it.

When you buy a year of Professor B (either Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3), you receive access to that Master Teacher Level and Workbook/Answer Keys.  Lessons are presented as slides, much like with Power Point.  The bee "speaks" silently (in reality, his word bubbles prompt you with the exact words to say to teach your students, who are also looking at the computer screen).  So the bee doesn't actually say anything, but he provides you with a teaching script.  No work is actually done on the computer.  When a lesson is done, parents can print out the appropriate workbook pages for their child to complete.

Trying to explain this curriculum in detail is difficult, but I have been monumentally impressed with both Levels 2 and 3 (the ones we are using).  My two second graders have been learning multiplication facts, and after having taught two other children their facts, I can definitively say that Professor B's method works.  Starting with the twos, children spend days learning each group of facts.  Not only do they learn the actual facts, but they learn division with those facts at the same time.  So, they first learn visually the groups of two.  The visual cue is taken away, and they continue practice.  Then, after demonstrating that they can recite the full fact family, they are asked questions designed to get them used to the inverse of multiplication being division.  I have been so impressed with the thoroughness and user-friendliness of the Professor B!  

I don't usually rely on screenshots from a program to explain it, but in this case I wanted to use them because everything they say is true! 

Professor B costs $100 for three years of access to a single level.  It is worth it.  Along with teaching your child math, Professor B is teaching you how to teach math.  The website does not yet have this pricing information, but by calling Professor B at 678-765-6655, you can take advantage of the new pricing structure.

I have been so very impressed with Professor B.  I completely recommend it without reservation.


Disclaimer of the legal variety: I received a year's access to Professor B in exchange for my honest review.  Professor B didn't pay for my opinion, though, and my opinion is that this is one heck of  a great math program!

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