Saturday, January 12, 2013


Do you know NetGalley? NetGalley is a resource for professional readers. What is a professional reader? Anyone who blogs, recommends, or reviews books for a living! Librarians automatically qualify as far as I can tell, as do well-known book bloggers with large followings.  A whole bunch of other people qualify, too, though! I am guessing that a bunch of my homeschooling friends would qualify based on their blog followings.  I don't have a large blog following here, but because of my position with BellaOnline, I have a very large following! I have received hundreds of books free through NetGalley!

So how is NetGalley different from any other review-type program you may already be part of? Well, all of its books (or at least the vast, vast majority) are digital ARCs.  Several of the books I'm reading now are not scheduled to be published until June, 2013! Best of all, once you develop a relationship with a publisher (a relationship can be developed in one of several ways: you may end up reviewing several books for a publisher, thus establishing that you are a reliable reviewer.  You may have the type of blog or following that the publisher values.  You may not even know what you have that the publisher likes), you could very well end up on that publisher's "auto-approve" list.  That means that when you request a book from that publisher, you are automatically approved to receive it.  You don't have to wait to see if the publisher approves you! I am so thrilled to be on auto-approval with Random House Children's Books! I am currently reading and reviewing

set to be published on February 26, 2013.  Billed as a cross between Hunger Games and Matched, two of my favorite books, I am loving it! Look for the review in a couple of weeks!

NetGalley has tens of thousands of books from hundreds of publishers at any one time.  Register for a free account and start requesting books from publishers.  You might be amazed at what you qualify for!

Big thanks go to my librarian sister, Michaela, for steering me to NetGalley. I had never heard of it prior to her recommendation.

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