Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Not Hateful...but I Am These Things:

I am pretty sick of being accused on Facebook of being hateful.  I carefully scrutinize what I post, and I just don't see hateful.  The fact that it is someone close to me who I have gone out of my way for, well, since she was born, who levels that accusation at me really stings.  Still, I'm not going to let it bother me anymore.  I simply hid everything I post from her.  In the interest of trying to figure out what I am, though, I have come up with a few descriptors.  I am:

  • Passionate about what I believe
  • Consistent - my views on things related to politics and religion haven't changed since I was a little girl.  Ironically, the people who call me hateful have known me for decades.  I was good enough to be called friend then.  I'm the same person now.  Now I'm hateful.  Someone help me puzzle through this.
  • Principled - I believe in First Things.  I believe in (capital T) Truth.  I don't believe in relativism.
Accuse me of being one of these.  Don't call me hateful.  I actually had a bunch more stuff here explaining how I'm not hateful, but I deleted it.  People who know me know that.  I know it.  Most importantly, God knows it.  Biting the hand that feeds you is pretty hateful.  Mooching off people is kinda crappy.  Loving yourself to the exclusion of your neighbor and denying the God you were raised to adore is about as hateful as it gets.  This is absolutely the last time I am going to give this issue any thought at all.  

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