Monday, July 29, 2013

The Grishkos

Sometimes I get tired of going over the same things in my head. It sounds so obnoxious, but it is hard having a daughter who has so much potential in so many areas (my friend Tess is giving me a mental slap so that I don't sound too snotty). Therese loves, loves, loves pointe. The director of her dance school asked me again (as she has been since Therese was 8) the other day why Therese is not dancing at a ballet-intensive school (as opposed to where she is where she dances ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and pointe, but the school is definitely more geared toward jazz). I really didn't know what to say. Every time I think that we have settled that issue (we're happy with what we're doing), it comes up again.

The problem is that doing anything else (that is, going ballet/pointe all in) leaves no time for anything else - and Therese can do so much more! She has tested highly gifted. She is in high school at the age of 11. She is trying out speech and debate this year (something she would not have time for in another dance program - she already dances 3 nights a week). I want her to be able to do everything she wants to do because she is bright enough to do it all! Why does she have to be such a beautiful dancer, too? Why does she have to love it so much?

Ah, well. She had to get new pointe shoes today. Her last pair is completely toast. Her feet have changed a lot in a year. She tried on at least 20 pairs before settling on a pair of Grishkos. They're certainly not the most expensive shoes, but they rank up there. Her feet have gotten so much stronger! Her pointe teacher came with us to pick out her shoes and I'm so glad she did, because the shoes she initially thought were good for Therese turned out not to be strong enough (she was bending the shank too much).

I guess all I can do is continue to pray for discernment, as I honestly have no idea what God wants for Therese right now. I want to make the best decisions for her, and I really don't know what they are.

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