Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Therese

My mini-me (not in looks, fortunately), Therese, turned 12 yesterday.

A whole bunch of my friends chimed in to wish Therese happy birthday on Facebook, and that made me very happy. Some of them know her (or knew her when she was a baby), but most of them don't. It turns out that those "likes" *do* mean something to a parent!

So Therese started her day by talking to her birthday twin, my SIL. Then she went to lunch with her grandparents and to the mall with her grandmother, my MIL, where she got a James Avery charm bracelet with pointe shoes and a dachshund, both very meaningful to her. As usual, I cast a pall on the rest of the day by coming down with a vicious migraine which put me to bed for the rest of the day. Fortunately, she received The Sims for her birthday, so she was set. Tomorrow, she gets to go to a jewelry making class with her best friend. I get to sit in a corner and put the finishing touches on my Blog Hop posts for next week :-)

Because this post originally contained content that sounded self-pitying, I will include the final paragraph as it was first written:

So, here's a snapshot of the uglier side of me.

No, I promise! My hair really did used to be red...okay, maybe not *that* red, but you can't expect me to show all of my bad side at once...

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