Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me

Okay, so I won't do this on Facebook because it is so public, but I will do it here (and have it post to FB - ha!) in my own personal space. The fact is that very few people know anything at all about me, so I have to think hard about what I am willing to give away!

10. I am obsessive and I border on being a hoarder when I am obsessing over something.

9. As much as I want not to care, I cry when people unfriend me on FB, especially when it's because they find my Catholic morality hateful. Especially when it is someone I have known for a long time.

8. I got married the day after 21, which made me barely legal for my honeymoon in Las Vegas, where I was carded (that was almost 18 years ago for anyone who is curious). There were doubters who thought I wouldn't finish college by getting married in the middle of my junior year of college: to you I say, "I'll see your 1.5 years of college and raise you 7.5 years of grad school."

7. Keeping with that theme, if I could have lunch with anyone living or dead, it would be my grandmother, Mama Connie. I miss her terribly and I have so many things I want to talk to her about. Re: her dress, her luggage was lost before my wedding, and she was horrified that she had to wear her travel clothes to my wedding. Like anyone cared!

6. I am related to a homeschool celebrity (if you do Seton, that is).

Yeah, that guy is my Uncle Bob(ert). My mom's baby brother and my favorite uncle. Little Bob Wiesner tidbit: he used to work in a book store a million years ago. The beard was brown then. People used get Stephen King books and bring them up to the register and look at the author photo and then look at Bob and say, "Is that you?!" I think it's the eyes - very charismatic guy. He's a wonderful guy.

5. I hated graduate school. I was the token Christian and the token Conservative in my very liberal department at Rice. I was mocked mercilessly by a couple of professors (which didn't really bother me since I no respect for them anyway). Two things saw me through. Sheer tenacity (Henry says I'm like a bulldog with a steak - when I want something you can't get it away from me for anything in the world) and Henry. He flat-out would not let me quit. I owe him everything for that. There was one office in our department I longed to get lost in, and it belonged to this guy:

Photo Copyright Rice University

That's Dr. Gilbert Cuthbertson, or Doc C. He got his PhD in Government from Harvard in 1963 and he's still teaching at Rice. He's a dinosaur in the department since he doesn't *do* political science. He teaches government and political theory, which is only one reason I love him. I had the honor of TAing for him more than 10 years ago, and this man can teach. His office has so many old and moldering books in it that there is almost no room for him. It is what I fantasize about when I fantasize about academia. The fact that it is not what academia is is one of the major reasons that I want no real part of academia. It is because of Doc C that you may very well here me say, "Watch the hands, people!"

4. You've probably never heard of my favorite band. I only know one person who has, but he's not the person who introduced me to them.

This is my favorite album by my favorite band, and it was "given" to me by my high school boyfriend, Marc.

Marc was the kindest, sweetest boy in the world. Honestly, our relationship only officially ended because I met the man I knew I was meant to marry practically the second I started college. Marc died in 1997, may God grant him eternal rest.

3. My family mirrors my nuclear family in so many ways that it is more than eerie. If you knew me then, you can only imagine. Except you can't.

2. I knew that I was pregnant with my twins immediately, and just as immediately I knew it was twins. I really did. I mean, with a 2 year old, a 7 month old, a looming dissertation, and a sister who had just had twins (and a mom who was a twin), what else could it be? My pregnancy hunch was confirmed with a dollar store test. Yep - dollar store!

1. Husband aside, the only best friend I've ever had where I knew it was 100% reciprocal was a guy. 

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