Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spring 2014 at Salve Regina

So tomorrow starts our new semester, sort of. Since we school year-round, that's not really accurate, but since we do take off a couple of weeks at Christmas, I tend to think of it that way. The kids are so excited to get back. In fact, Michael has been doing grammar every day, and Therese has been prepping for the SAT, working on debate, and doing Zane Education through the break. Nicky and MC, well, not so much. As for me, I truly have been sick or had a severe migraine almost every day this break. The guilt factor has been tremendous. I'm telling you right now that if you live with someone who deals with chronic pain issues of any kind, deal with them kindly. The pain they feel is one thing, and it compromises every aspect of their being. The guilt they feel for cheating their families of their full presence is something else -- and it hurts more.

If I only had to deal with getting back to school, I would be thrilled. I love doing school with the kids. It's funny, though. The thought of having to begin working, going to dance and TKD, and going to debate again almost makes me nauseous. The less I see of people, the less I want to see of people. Sometimes it just seems very difficult - almost too difficult to deal with. I'm guessing that my defenses are just very down from being so sick and tired. I have to find the energy to give myself the necessary pep talks to get myself up and at 'em. It will be strange to have Henry gone after having him home for nearly a month!

I have been resisting the whole "One word for 2014" phenomenon. I don't like things like that. I don't like things that force me into yet one more box that I know I'll come out of. It's just one more thing at which to fail. However, after giving it some nights of insomniac thought, I have realized that I actually do have two words that I hope will define 2014: health and thrift. If you have gone either the Goals and Resolutions route or the One Word route, best of luck to you in seeing it through. I have control over 1/2 of my first word and all of my second. I'm giving both of them over completely to God, especially the first, especially as it pertains to my children.

Oh, and Wendy, I promise that the Kindle and Audible posts are almost ready to go! ;-)

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