Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cherry Culture March Madness Sale!

An amazing sale from Cherry Culture! I'm very sad that two of my favorites (LA Girl Pro Concealer and Jordana Blush) don't seem to be available, but there are still plenty of goodies! My absolute favorite thing to play around with is Nyx Round Lipstick. There are umpteen jillion colors, and with 40% off, they are only $2.40 each. The Nyx Slide On eyeliner is another major favorite. I use the green in my waterline almost every day. It comes in at $4.80 with the discount. If you like nail polish, be prepared to go crazy! Oh, and as many times as I've ordered here, nothing has ever arrived broken. The packaging is amazing. I'm not affiliate (but I probably should be!)...just passing on the good news :-)

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