Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review of Kinder Cottage Publishing

Kinder Cottage Review
If you don't remember reading and loving Peter Rabbit books when you were a kid, I'm going to assume that you have probably just suppressed the memory. Peter Rabbit is an essential part of childhood and Mary-Catherine (9) is obsessed with rabbits. For those two reasons, I was delighted when I got the opportunity to review The Tale of Peter Rabbit and When Peter Rabbit Went to School from Kinder Cottage Publishing. These beautiful full-color, hardcover books are only $4.00 each, and while the books are ideal for ages 3-9, I have to say that I don't think there is any age either too old or too young to love these books!

Kinder Cottage Review

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is the classic story with which everyone is familiar. Mary-Catherine summarizes it thusly: "Peter Rabbit is a mischievous bunny. He disobeys his mother and goes to Mr. Macgregor's garden even though his mother said "Don't because your father got baked into a bunny pie." Now Peter has a phobia of farmers."
Kinder Cottage Review

When Peter Rabbit Went to School was a new one for both of us. Again, Mary-Catherine summarizes: "He was being too naughty, so his mother decided to send him and his sisters off to school. What she doesn't know is that Peter can't hide from mischief. Peter and one of his friends, Squirrel Nutkin, leave recess to run into the woods where they were warned not to go, and Peter gets lost and Squirrel Nutkin goes back to school." (She told more of the story, but I don't want to spoil everything!)
These books are so well made and so affordable that they make a wonderful addition to anyone's library. The stories never get old. I know that I never get tired of The Tale of Peter Rabbit!

When I buy new books for my kids, I don't put expectations on them for how or when they need to read them (unless, of course, they are explicitly for school). I just hand them over. I did exactly that when these books arrived in the mail. I handed the package back to Mary-Catherine (we get the mail on our way out to do errands) and told her that something had arrived for her. The minute we got home that night, she changed into her pajamas and began reading the books. She made sure to get her own Peter Rabbit so she could read to him! (Technically, I'm pretty sure he's the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but she has called him Peter Rabbit ever since she first got him!)

She has probably read these book just about every day since we got them. I know for a fact that they haven't left the desk next to her bed. Further, when she realized that there were more books, she immediately put in a request! 

Kinder Cottage Review

The entire set is so affordable (only $4.00 each for hardback books? That's unheard of!) that it would make a wonderful gift for any Peter Rabbit (or bunny!) lover.
My Peter Rabbit aficionado loved these books. To see what other Crew members' children thought, click the banner below! 
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  1. Peter Rabbit is a great childhood classic. I wish we'd had this beautiful set when my kiddos were younger. I'll keep in mind for gifts.

  2. I'm keeping them in mind for just that reason, too. They really are delightful! Thanks for reading :-)