Monday, July 28, 2014

Five Ways You Know You're a Makeup Junkie

1. You have a drawer(s) (each) full of blush/eye shadow/foundation/highlighter, all of which you love and work perfectly for you, but you still haul new makeup every time something new is released because it just might be your new Holy Grail product.

2. You know that you can never, ever have too many brushes.

3. You realize that technically, although you can contour with bronzer, you really should be using a sculpting powder because it has the right undertones. Further, in terms of bronzer, there is no way one (or five) could be enough because you have to account not only for different shades, but also for different levels of shimmer.

4. You have paid more for a highlighter than you have for a foundation (this is all your fault, Becca!).

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5. You are either VIB or VIB Rouge at Sephora (and wonder what's the big deal with getting to that status!). Honorable mention if you're Platinum at Ulta :-)

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