Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

What happened to be on the board when the high school youth coordinator called to apprise me of St. John Vianney's requirements for Therese vis-a-vis Confirmation and CCE and sacrament prep:

Imagine my joy at finding out:

  1. Therese is considered as attending a Catholic school (yay!)
  2. She is not required to attend CCE at all (double yay!)
  3. She is only required to attend one year of sacrament prep (14 weeks instead of 28) because she goes to a Catholic school (triple yay!)

There are so many reasons I love my parish. The fact that they are reasonable about Confirmation prep is just one more.

N.B. - the notes on the board above are for the twins - Therese is beyond that. It was fortuitous timing, though ;-)

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