Sunday, March 20, 2016

Random OK Observations

1. There is a stoplight in the middle of the highway in a town just north of Dennison, TX. I find that fascinating.

2. NCFCA is in desperate need of an adult parody      Twitter account. There is only so much the children can do. Just sayin'.

3. The longer the tournament days, the lower the Laura-filter. Thank heaven most of those I talk to in the people-group of children are 17+. I think my style can best be described as NC-17.

4. OK has very nice roads but Brahms get the thumbs-down from Therese.

5. I missed Region 4 hospitality like crazy this tournament.

6. Now that I know how JO works, I wish I could go back to my first year when I was JOed as a judge (yes, contrary to instructions, it is a verb) and redo my encounter with a certain homeschool writing celebrity. It would go very differently. #couldashouldawoulda

7. As per the above, I now write down my judging philosophy! I will never be misquoted by resentful teams again!! Always put it in writing (unless you want plausible deniability, of course).

8. Voting against teams you really like sucks. #unbiasedjudging

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