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Review of Devonian's GREEMU

When I saw a review coming up for Devonian, I didn't know what to think; I'd never heard of them. BUT, when I saw that Devonian was making GREEMU, AND that GREEMU is distributed by Koru Naturals, I practically jumped for joy. See, in my house we love Koru Naturals. I have previously reviewed them here and here. I was just perusing their site the other day for more Manuka Honey products, since their moisturizer containing that ingredient has been great for my rosacea. But I digress. In the second review I linked, you can see Therese's magnificent frizz-ball hair. Then you can see it tamed by Emu Oil. That's right - Emu Oil. She has loved what that stuff has done for her hair. She has not loved that it's Emu Oil. Enter -- GREEMU! All of the amazing benefits of Emu Oil with none of the Emu!

I had my doubts that GREEMU could live up to its animal-based cousin, but I was wrong. More on that in a minute.

GREEMU comes from Devonian, a company named for that geologic period and committed to replacing animal products with plant-based ones. They are off to an amazing start with this one. GREEMU looks and feels just like Emu Oil. I have no idea how you replicate the feel of animal fat (I know, I know) with plant-based substances, but Devonian did it. 

Now, Therese and I are obsessed with GREEMU for what it does for her hair, but you can use it for other things; namely it's excellent for dry, chapped skin (hello, allergy season!). It can also be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (should such things trouble you - I earned mine; I have no desire to fight them). If you would use any facial oil for it (and facial oils like argan oil are all the rage), you can use GREEMU and it will probably work better (dry cuticles, split ends, chapped lips - really almost anything you can think of). I'm telling you, though, if you have dry, frizzy hair, you NEED GREEMU in your life. Witness Therese's before and after using GREEMU. No time has elapsed in these pictures, apart from the time it took her to smooth GREEMU through her hair. (N.B.,  the first ingredient in GREEMU is Macadamia Seed Oil. If you pay any attention at all to hair products, you know that Macadamia is HUGE with expensive hair products and masks. You're getting it here for a fraction of the price!)

Before GREEMU:

GREEMU in half Therese's hair:

GREEMU in all of Therese's hair (but no styling at all done):

All Therese did in the preceding two pictures was smooth GREEMU through her hair. She didn't scrunch her curls, use gel, or do anything else. The difference really is amazing.

GREEMU is available through Koru Naturals for only $10.80 for a 4 oz. bottle (and through 5/31/16 it is 20% off with coupon code GN395Z1). I strongly encourage you to browse the Koru Naturals website while you're there. They have so many amazing products! 

There are, as I have indicated, many uses for GREEMU, so be sure to see how 84 other Crew members have been using it! Click the banner below to read their reviews!

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