Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bathroom Sink Trashcan Hack

The trashcan in my bathroom is, well, all the way across my bathroom. There is no place for it next to the place I put on my makeup, which means that one of two things usually happens. Either I end up with cotton pads, Q-Tips, and Kleenex all over my vanity, or I end up making several trips to the trash over the course of 20 minutes. Neither choice is optimal (I know, I know, first world problems). Then, I was cleaning out my brushes (not cleaning them, cleaning them out - I actually ended up putting about 50 brushes into storage. Yes, I have a problem.). That left a nice big container empty. A container that looks suspiciously like a mini-trash can! Inspiration struck!

It's the perfect receptacle for my vanity detritus. Plus, because it's so big, I only have to empty it once every two days or so. I've been unreasonably pleased with myself since I figured this out. Maybe it's one of those things that everyone else figured out eons ago, but my vanity has been *much* neater since I joined this party.

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