Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Makeup Closet Post 1

Henry designed a beautiful closet for me. This is the top of my tall Alex drawers. These are three of my lipstick holders (I think I have nine total). The lipsticks in these are 85% MAC with some Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, and Nars. The mini lipsticks in front are Marc Jacobs and Bare Minerals. The shotgun shell lipsticks in the far back are the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks (LOVE). The card is from Henry. I found it in the closet one day with a Pandora charm. I left the card and the bag right where he left them. Girls (Ladies), don't marry a man who doesn't spoil you rotten. It doesn't have to be with material goods. Compliments and letters are free.

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