Monday, June 12, 2017

It's the Little Things

I've often said (on this blog and elsewhere) that it's the little things that have to keep you going when you feel sad or bogged down. You have to find something to look forward to every day - something to get you out of bed as it were. Well, I have also said before that that something doesn't have to be hugely significant. It can be as simple as a new candle or a new lip balm. Anyone who knows me knows that I am makeup obsessed, but on days that I don't go out, I rarely wear makeup. Fortunately, I also hoard lip balms! It's always fun to know that you have a new flavor (er, scent) to try out. Also, the way I discipline myself to sit and work is by burning a candle - it's always been that way. While I *love* the gigantic ones that burn for over 100 hours (and that number is no joke), I have recently fallen in love with Yankee Candle's smallest (apart from votives, which annoy me) offerings. On sale they are only $5, and they burn for about 25 hours! Long enough to get your money's worth, but short enough that you can change them out before you get scent-fatigue! Cafe Al Fresco is currently burning on my desk as I write this, and it smells good enough to drink it (don't worry - I won't).

So if you wake up to a new day and kind of quietly sigh at the thought of getting up, think of something you have to look forward to - even if it's a small something. For some people, it will be looking forward to going out somewhere (for me it's looking forward to staying in!). For others, it will be the release of their favorite podcast (Monday - Once Upon a Crime day!). Maybe it's thinking about what you'll have for lunch (avocado toast!). Anyone can find something, though. You just have to get a little creative. Believe me - it really does help with the blahs.

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