Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Review of Homeschool Diploma

When you homeschool, there are so many things that you have to think about that parents who send their kids to some kind of school just -- don't. A diploma is one of those. You naturally want your child to have some kind of physical record of their graduation, but it's kind of overwhelming to think about where to find a diploma, what to put on it, what's a reasonable price to pay for it, etc. I'll be honest - a diploma is one thing that I hadn't yet thought about until the opportunity for this review arose. I'm so glad it did, because Homeschool Diploma does absolutely everything for you, and the end product - the Standard Diploma - is simply gorgeous! And the Standard Diploma is just the beginning. The Personalized Diploma I received is just perfection. If I had designed a diploma from scratch, I couldn't have designed it more ideally for my daughter. You can customize these diplomas to your heart's content so that you end up with something that is 100% personal and just as meaningful. Best of all, it's both easy and fun to create your diploma! Here are pictures of Therese's diploma, modeled by her 13 year-old brother (please ignore my messy bookshelves!).

When you land on the site, and select diploma, you can choose from two size options, 8.5"x11" or 6"x8" (my high school diploma was the smaller size, but I was thrilled to be able to choose the larger size for Therese). You then go through a plethora of options. Every time you add something to the standard diploma (which is already beautiful and definitely gets the job done), you see the price increase right there on the page. You can add, subtract, and customize to your heart's content before you ever submit your order. Here are your options:

  • Center Seal (three choices - included in price)
  • Name of Graduate (included in price)
  • Name of School (optional, but recommended - included in price)
  • City and State (optional - included in price)
  • Graduation Date (included in price)
  • Choice of paper
  • Choice of Honors Seal (+$2.95)
  • Diploma Cover (choice of seven colors and eight designs (add school name +$14.50, add name and phrase +$15.50, add student name +$14.50)
  • Add Archive Copy (+$7.50)
  • Add Wallet Size Diploma (+$8.95)
Homeschool Diploma makes it easy for you to get exactly the diploma you want for a price you're comfortable with. I'm not showing Therese with her diploma because she's only a junior; she won't be getting it for another year. I don't want her to see it yet! I want it to be a surprise. Ordering her diploma made me realize that as a junior, it's time for a class ring. Fortunately, Homeschool Diploma has that covered, too!

If you don't happen to have a student nearing high school graduation, fear not! Homeschool Diploma has many options. Crew members received and reviewed the Kindergarten Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Diploma package and the 8th Grade Diploma, too! There really is something for all of those special homeschool transitions. To read these and all the reviews, visit the Crew blog!

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