Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review of Kids Email

Keeping kids safe online is of the utmost importance to every parent I know. These days parents have lots of options for keeping kids safe online, but there is still that ever-present worry of "Am I doing enough?" Even with younger kids, the pressure is there. It's super handy for kids of every age to have an email address, but email can be worrisome, too. There can be unwanted ads, unwanted solicitations, and even if you have all that under control, it can still be an unwanted time suck. No worries! Kids Email has you covered with its Kids Email Safe Email for Kids subscription! 

Kids Email does everything you would want a kids' email program to do, plus a whole lot more you probably haven't even thought of yet. This program includes all of these amazing features (which can be configured in the settings):

In summation, you can choose whether or not you want your child to be able to send and receive email from his/her contact list only, whether you want your child to be able to edit the contact list, whether you want to be sent a copy of incoming and/or outgoing email and whether you want email to include images, links, attachments, and bad words or not. You can also choose whether or not your child will be allowed to add a tagline to the bottom of emails and whether another parent should be added to the notification list. Even better, you can select whether you want these settings to be applied to one child or to all children - it's one stop shopping.

Kids Email has settings on the kids' side of things, too. As a kid, don't you want to customize how your email looks? You can do that! Here are just a few of the backgrounds that Nicholas has to choose from.

Notice also that it says in the upper left hand corner "" - that's because, since Nicky is older, it's not very cool to have email coming from "" Allowing the email to come from is a nice touch.

Remember that I talked at the beginning about email being a potential time suck? Kids Email eliminates that problem, too. If you choose, you can set exact times that your child is allowed to be using his/her email:

Does your child need time off for bad behavior? You can even ground your child from email right from your control panel!

If you have even hesitated for a moment about trying email for your child, please don't hesitate to try Kids Email's free 30-day trial. I am betting you'll be convinced that your child can safely and successfully use email! And I'm betting that grandparents, uncles, cousins, and friends will be absolutely delighted! When my kids were younger (they are all teenagers now), I loved the safety and security that Kids Email provided!

You can subscribe to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids for $2.99 month, billed annually at $38.95, which gives you six email accounts. Alternatively, you can pay monthly at $4.95, which gives you four email accounts. If you need more information, visit their website, or click the banner below to read more reviews!
Safe Email for Kids {Kids Email Reviews}
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