Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Random Crafty Websites

I am an absolute neophyte when it comes to anything graphic design. I do love playing with paper and ephemera, though, and I'll continue to try to muddle through Photoshop. I thought it might benefit someone if I list the websites I can't get enough of. If you have a cutting machine or an addiction to vintage ephemera, you'll love these.

Creative Fabrica - you can buy things a la carte from this website, but the subscription is really a tremendous value!

The Graphics Fairy - such good vintage things here! Again, you can get a subscription, but there are plenty of free goodies!

Mighty Deals often has really good bundles.

Speaking of Mighty Deals, that first one in the picture is an amazing one if you want a subscription to a stock photography site!

Paper Whimsey has beautiful things. Her collage sheets make me so happy!

I'd love to see some of your favorite sites!

Listening to - Empathy Test's album "Losing Touch." I'm absolutely obsessed. Like the way I was obsessed with The Cure when I was a teenager (I still am, but you know that intensity you feel for music when you're a teenager? It's like that with this band.).

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