Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review of Maestro Classics

When my daughter found out that we were receiving Maestro Classic's Swan Lake free in exchange for our review, she was thrilled.  At ten, she is months away from earning her pointe shoes; she loves ballet.  She also loves going to the symphony with one grandfather and to the ballet with her other grandparents.  Could any product be more suited to her?

The Story of Swan Lake, with music composed by Tchaikovsky and performed by the London Philharmonic, is an all-around delightful listening experience.  The story of Swan Lake should be familiar to many.  A prince loves a princess whom an evil magician has turned into a swan.  The prince's love breaks the spell.  This CD is so much more than just the story and the music, though.  When you buy the CD for $16.95 or the MP3 download for $9.99, you receive the narrated story of the ballet interwoven with the music.  You also receive the following: a 24 page booklet (or PDF download for those who choose the MP3) containing a biography of the composer, sheet music, information on both acoustical and electric guitars, and much more.

Further, we all know that homeschoolers love curriculum guides.  It is so much easier to implement a great product when the company gives you maximum information.  Maestro Classics has done that here.  Find everything you need for the cross-curricular implementation of this great musical curriculum, including historical background, science, language arts, and geography.   

This is one product from which every single homeschooling family can benefit.  Once you go to the website and see all of the products and additional information available, Maestro Classics will find its way into your home.  With so many choices, my only decision about Maestro Classics is which CD to purchase next.  Since my daughter is studying the early 20th century, and since my boys love "Casey at the Bat," I think that's likely the one!

Our family loves Maestro Classics.  To read other opinions, please visit the Crew blog.

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