Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review of We Choose Virtues

I was excited to receive We Choose Virtues' Virtues Clues cards,downloadable coloring book, the teacher's handbook, an assessment, and verse sheet free in exchange for my review.  As hard as my husband and I try to raise kids of character, we can always use some outside reinforcement! 

While the kids immediately grabbed the cute Clues cards, I was most taken with the handbook, as it provided many ways to reinforce character with your children.  The best tip I read was to reinforce virtues with positive statements, rather than with negative.  I will readily admit that I tend to speak negatively, so this kind of advice is most helpful to me.  In other words, saying "tell the truth" is more effective for children than saying "don't lie."

I have to admit, though, that the real star of this set are the Clues cards.  Peopled by "the Virtue kids," these cards are full-colored, glossy, and adorable.  

Each card features one of thirteen virtues, and includes a catchphrase (ex: I choose to love when others hurt me) with antonyms (so kids know what a particular virtue is *not*, along with what it is) and a challenge.  The cards are adaptable in so many different ways! As a family, you can choose a card from the deck and focus on that virtue for the day.  Alternatively, each of your children can draw a card and really focus on practicing that particular virtue for a day, a week, or any period of time.

Although the cards are intended for elementary age children, older children will likely still find them both cute and useful (at least this older child did!).  All four of my children loved the cards and were enthusiastic about practicing their virtues using them.  The idea of virtue is not new to my kids: we have a new virtue about which we learn and which we practice for a month at a time.  They loved the cuteness of these cards, though, and the way they so clearly elucidate an individual virtue in a concise way.

The Virtues Clues cards are available from We Choose Virtues for $7.95 (although as of this writing, they are on sale for $5.99!).  The cards come in a plastic pouch with a velcro closure and would make a perfect gift!

We Choose Virtues has many other cute and useful virtues products, such as the above poster.  To view all of their products, including the cards I reviewed and loved, see their website.  For others' experiences with the Clues cards, see the Crew blog.

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  1. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for the tip! I think I am going to purchase these. My kids love to "collect". Thinking we could give these as rewards for displaying the given virtue. Karen