Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of Math Rider...again!

I had the great good fortune of reviewing Math Rider last year for the Crew.  My family loved this math facts game so much that I bought it after the review period ended.  I have to confess that, as sometimes happens, my kids eventually stopped using Math Rider.  There is always another cool program to play with! I was so happy, then to get the chance to review Math Rider again for the Crew.  I received the latest version of the software free in exchange for my review and, once again, my kids fell in love with Math Rider.

The premise of Math Rider is simple: a student (or his parent) can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, and then further refine the choice by selecting whether to work on easy, medium, or hard facts.  So, for example, a student can practice addition facts from 0-6.  When these facts are mastered, he can move on to the medium difficulty facts.

The genius of Math Rider is in its "quest" format.  Following a story introduction, a student assumes the character of a horse rider.  By riding through the countryside and solving fact problems, students come ever closer to completing their quest.  If a student misses a problem, the answer will be given them and that fact will show up again very soon after.

The best way to experience Math Rider is to watch the preceding video and then navigate to their website for a free trial.  If you have a child who struggles with math facts, then a program like this is essential.  In this digital age, flashcards don't seem to pack the same punch they once did! Math Rider, though, combines a story with fact practice, and students can see the extent of their progress any time.  Best of all, with the newest version, parents can now easily view their child's statistics, progress, and overall mastery, making it simple to keep track of where each of your children is in their quests.

You can download Math Rider for $37.  For that amount, you can use Math Rider with all of your kids in perpetuity.  If you're not sure whether or not Math Rider is the fact practice software for you, fear not! You can enjoy a free trial of the full-featured software before you commit to buying.  You truly have nothing to lose.  One warning: if you let your children begin a quest during your free trial, you can pretty much guarantee that they will insist you buy the full software.  We all like to finish what we start!

To find out about Math Rider and its free trial, surf on over to their website.  To read what other Crew members thought about Math Rider, visit the Crew blog.  Math Rider is once again a favorite in my house - give it a try in yours!

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