Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review of Dive Into Your Imagination

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received Who Lives in The Sea? from Dive Into Your Imagination for the purposes of review.  This award-winning DVD teaches children interesting facts about animals in the sea.  Through songs and spectacular underwater photography, children learn about animals they know (the whale shark) and those they don't (nudibranchs!).

Although I think that my kids were a little too old to be this video's target audience, they LOVED the DVD.  I guess that's one of the DVD's best selling points, though: it has appeal for lots of different ages.  In fact, my husband, who has worked in marine biology, walked through the living room while the kids were watching and ended up sitting down to watch himself! He really liked it on two levels: as a photographer, he loved the videography (which you truly have to see to believe). As a scientist, he loved the delivery method.  This DVD, and others by Dive Into Your Imagination, is available for $19.95.

But wait...there's more! Annie Crawley, the creator of the series, has also created hefty study guides to go with each of her DVDs. There are two study guides available, one for PreK-K and one for Grades 1-3.  The study guides are packed with information and lesson ideas.  There are 6-7 activities per chapter and more than 150 extension ideas.

The guides are available as a printed version for $299 (for the whole set of them) or as individual PDFs for $69.95. As a special for the Homeschool Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and followers Annie Crawley of Dive Into Your Imagination, she will gift you a set of PDFs with purchase of the DVDs. When you place your DVD order, just let her know in the notes that you are a Homeschool Parent!  This is a huge value, given the price of the PDFs!

I really liked this DVD, as did my children.  For younger children, I think of it as an excellent substitute for something like a Baby Einstein video.  The colors are vivid, the songs are catchy, and even the youngest children will get something out of this DVD.  For big kids like my husband and me, it is equally fascinating.

This DVD was a hit in our house.  For other opinions, see the Crew blog.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this DVD and study guide for review.  The product was free, as is my opinion of it...which is 100% mine.

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