Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review of Mobile Education's Rainbow Sentences

One of the main reasons I wanted an iPad was for the educational opportunities it opens up.  With apps to drill math facts, quiz SAT vocabulary, and travel through time virtually, the iPad is a one-stop educational tool.  Prior to a month or so ago, when I received, free, in exchange for my honest review (/disclaimer) Mobile Education's app Rainbow Sentences, I hadn't really thought about using the iPad for Language Arts.  Fortunately, Mobile Education did!

Rainbow Sentences helps students create sentences by color-coding the parts of speech. Students can drag the necessary sentence parts to fit correctly into the sentence.  They can either read the words themselves or have the computer read the words to them.  Students can also record sentences in their own voices.  The app includes six levels of sentence complexity, with 165 images from which to create sentences.  By correctly completing sentence, students earn puzzle pieces.  Puzzles, when completed, animate.

In order to see far more about Rainbow Sentences and how it works, watch this video:

I used Rainbow Sentences with my seven year-old twins, and while they liked it well enough, once I told them they had used it enough for review purposes, they have not gone back to it.  The reason, I am sure, is that they are too advanced in their grammar studies to derive much benefit from it.  I can't find an exact age recommendation for the product, but would assume that seven is very much within the parameters.  For children who have not already learned all the parts of speech and parts of sentences, this app could be very useful and enjoyable. I think that if my twins had used it two years ago, they would have loved it!

Rainbow Sentences is available from the App Store for $7.99.  To me, the price is steep, but if you don't like teaching grammar and want something your kids will enjoy without even realizing how much they're learning, it might very well be priced reasonably. 

This review is just one magistra's opinion.  To read others, check out the Crew blog.

DISCLAIMER: I received this app free in exchange for my honest review.  I wouldn't lie to you -the opinions are all mine.

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