Friday, June 15, 2012

The "Not a Review" Post

I'm sure it's not just me, but sometimes I feel very misunderstood.  I blame Facebook.  I often post political and/or religious things on Facebook, and most often I post just because I like what is said.  I am not trying to "start something" or make a point.  While I enjoy a spirited debate, I do not like real conflict.  However, I do feel passionately about the subjects of politics and religion, and I will defend anything I post.  Henry treats Facebook as a "read-only" document.  He takes what he wants away from it, and he ignores most of it.  I have tried to take that approach, but I've found it difficult.  In general, I no longer post on others' controversial (to me) statuses (stati?), but if I post something that is commented on, I feel compelled to respond.  Otherwise, it looks like I agree with what was said.  Well, that's how it feels anyway.

I have Protestant Facebook friends, and I have Catholic Facebook friends.  I also have a couple of atheist friends, and I'm sure there are some agnostics as well.   I value all of those friends, but I am unapologetically Catholic.  Unless I am engaging in Apologetics, of course.  Then I am Apologetically Catholic.  I will not compromise on those beliefs in any way.  I submit to the Magesterium (the teaching authority of the Church).  I am truly puzzled about many of the differences between Catholics and Protestants.  What is patently obvious to me about Catholicism is clearly not obvious to those not raised in the Faith.  Having said that, I so appreciate having friends with whom I can talk frankly about religious questions.  I would always prefer that someone ask me about what Catholics believe, rather than assume that the way they are portrayed in the media (or from the pulpit) is accurate.  If I don't understand why Protestants believe something (or about how one flavor of Protestant is different from another one), I'll ask.  I won't debate the issue with you (unless you want to).  I would love for all of my friends to do the same.  (Oh, and if you don't even believe in God or his son, Jesus Christ, there is no reason even to say something about my religious posts.  I know you don't agree, and I know my next statement will upset you: I'll pray for you to know the same peace I do - the peace that comes from being a child of Jesus.)  I think that's about it ;-)