Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review of Homeschool Spanish

My husband's family is from Cuba, and he is a native Spanish speaker, so I was thrilled to review Homeschool Spanish Academy's online Spanish classes.  Why should the children of a native speaker need formal classes, you ask? Well, if one doesn't speak the language to his children from birth (and almost exclusively), the children will not be fluent.  Given that I only had some school Spanish to fall back on, we just never considered speaking Spanish to our children.  My in-laws *do* speak Spanish, though (along with English), and I would love for my children to be able to speak to them.

Homeschool Spanish Academy offers online Spanish classes for young children through adults.  The classes are one-on-one, via Skype, with a native Spanish speaker.  The two teachers my ten year-old daughter have had thus far are delightful ladies from Guatemala.  The lessons range in time from 25 to 50 minutes, depending largely on the age of the learner.  Officially, Homeschool Spanish Academy denotes the shorter time span for children up to ten, with the longer time slot used for children ten and up.  My ten-year old has Spanish for the 50 minute time period.  I would think that the appropriate time might best be determined by the teacher in conjunction with the parent, given that some younger children could benefit from the longer class time, while some older children may not have the attention span for the longer time.

For specific information on how Homeschool Spanish Academy works, see any of these helpful videos. In general, my daughter's classes have all had the same format.  The teacher introduces new vocabulary to her and then asks her questions requiring her to answer using the new vocabulary.  She has learned fruits, vegetables, seasons, numbers, and colors.  With her first teacher, she only learned one lesson per class, but with the teacher she has had recently, she is doing up to three.  I think the classes work best when they move at the pace of the student.

Everyone has the opportunity to explore Homeschool Spanish Academy, as they offer a free lesson.  Simply follow these directions.

If you're the kind of homeschool parent who appreciates companies that help others, Homeschool Spanish Academy is a must!

Top-quality in-home Spanish instruction can be yours for the prices shown below.  If you have two students you want to take Spanish, you can receive a discount on the second child.

My daughter loves Homeschool Spanish Academy, but, in our particular situation, I don't find it worth continuing the program when our review period ends.  My husband can teach all of my children the vocabulary (which is what Therese has learned so far), and they can learn grammar a little later, from a book.  If you don't have a Spanish speaker in your life, though, this program would be invaluable.  The founder is wonderful and the teachers are super supportive and encouraging.  This is a great option for homeschooled students! To see other opinions, check out the Crew blog.

DISCLAIMER: I received Homeschool Spanish Academy classes free in exchange for my honest review.  The classes were free, but the opinion is all mine!

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