Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Character Education

There are things that moms don't like to admit, and I've always vowed that I will be a real mom, so I'm here to admit one of them: I don't like what I see in my eldest daughter's character right now.  Don't get me wrong: she is a very good child.  She is kind and compassionate and honest.  She is hardworking and someone I'm very proud of.  Outside of our house.  That's the kicker.  She is the perfect child outside of our home.  Inside it? Not so much.  I'd love to fall back on the "It's good that she's so comfortable that she can be herself at home" adage, but that's not the herself I want her to be! I want my children to treat the most important people in their lives as if they were the most important people in their lives!

My husband doesn't treat anyone better than he treats me.  I don't treat anyone better than I treat him.  I know it's hard with siblings...I have five of them.  I remember loathing my sister with everything I had in me.

Who could loathe that face (she's on the left)? Now I really hate the way we were as teens especially.  I don't want that for my daughters.  I don't want them to be in their 30s before they have what I have with my sister.  It helps that they're not in school, but it's not enough! Enter PACE.  I bought this book a couple of years ago (because when did I ever see a piece of curriculum I liked that I didn't buy?), and I am working it in now.  It is easy to use, but focused strongly on character.  It uses resources we already have (yay Book of Virtues! Yay Bill Bennett! Did you know he was Catholic?).  No excuses.

PACE focuses on one virtue or character trait at a time and there's no order that you necessarily have to follow. I think I'm going to begin with charity. We need some good old fashioned charity around here...I'll let you know how it goes.


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