Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review of Math 911

Through the Review Crew, I received Math911 to try with my eldest daughter.  Although it took a little getting used to, I have become amazed at everything one receives with this really cool program!  Professor Weissman has been teaching math longer than I've been alive (for 50 years!).  That's an indication of a guy who likes math, and I've found that the best math teachers are the ones who like math.  That's why I'm not such a good math teacher! Professor Weissman's proof is in the pudding, though: his kids are math teachers, too.

Math911 may not look like math programs with which you are familiar.  It has a pretty bare bones feel to it. It does not have a games-like interface.  Professor Weissman is not interested in capturing your math student's fancy; rather, he is interested in seeing your Introductory Algebra through Pre-Calculus student achieve math mastery.  Missed problems are not marked "wrong." Instead, more problems are generated until your student can demonstrate that he understands the concept in question.

There is no textbook that accompanies Math911, but because each answer is explained step-by-step, it could be used as a complete curriculum, depending on how your student learns.  Although I used Math911 Introductory Algebra with my 11 year-old daughter (and she liked it), I am really looking forward to using it with my son: he will LOVE it.  Why? He is the kind of (gifted) kid who doesn't want his time wasted.  He wants to get it, get it done, and get on with his life.  He wants to prove that he knows a concept and then not spend any extra time on it.  Professor Weissman's program is *ideal* for this kind of student.  Also, because the problem is given first (with the step-by-step, very detailed solution only provided on request), if your child can demonstrate that he understands the problem (and there are those math-gifted kids that seem to get things intuitively), then he can move on without getting bored or bogged down.

However, and this is how we actually did use Math911 for my daughter, the solutions that Professor Weissman provides are so thorough that I never would have been able to predict that one *could* create such solutions.  An example: for positive and negative integers, the problem was given 5-2.  How could step-by-step instructions be given for such an easy problem? Prof. Weissman turns this problem into a word problem dealing with gaining 5 and then losing two pounds.  This is just an example, but it goes to show that if Prof. Weissman is this thorough for such an easy problem, you can only imagine how thorough he is for a harder one!  

Although I foresee using this as a complete curriculum for my son next year, we used it as a supplementary curriculum for my daughter (and will continue to do so). Because you can choose to work on any topic within any math level (Intro Algebra through Pre-Cal), you really can practice mastery of the topics giving you the most trouble in math.  It's like having a math tutor!

Not only is Math911 an amazingly complete curriculum, the customer service and the price are amazing.  Several Crew members had questions which Prof. Weissman answered immediately and thoroughly (and patiently!).  Further, you don't have to pay anything to see if you like Math911.  Instead, visit the site to download a full working version of Introductory Algebra - it's like a Pre-Algebra/Algebra I (depending on what curriculum you've been using) course free!  

For $49.95, you can upgrade to the full version, which includes full technical support, lifetime updates, and access to all of the additional courses (through Pre-Calculus) for all family members, even Mom and Dad!It's really an amazing deal.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more amazing I realize it is.  

Nota Bene: I will be perfectly candid and tell you that I find this website confusing.  There are two things I know for sure, though.  The price of $49.95 will get you access to all of the math programs: Intro Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics, and the technical support is first class.  Hence, if you are unsure about how to purchase, please email Professor Weissman!You won't regret this purchase.  This is one program I would buy again and again.

Disclaimer: I received Math 911 free in exchange for my oh-so-honest review.  I received no other compensation, apart from help teaching my kids math -- and *that* I desperately need!

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  1. Wish he had lower levels! Maybe I'll do a calc refresher for fun. :P