Friday, November 30, 2012

Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange

Almost two months ago, my friend organized a Jesse Tree ornament exchange.  I need to be totally honest here.  Prior to that point, I actually thought of Jesse Trees as something far more common to Protestant tradition than to Catholic.  I couldn't have been more wrong! Jesse Trees as art have their origin in Medieval times.  This stained glass window at the Chartres Cathedral is one of the earliest depictions of a Jesse Tree, which is really just a genealogical depiction of Jesus' family tree.

Here's a closeup of the bottom of the bottom panel of the window: 

Obviously, the Jesse Tree is inherently Catholic! 

Sometimes Protestants and Catholics have different ways of "doing" a Jesse Tree, though, which should not be surprising, given that Catholics have such a rich way of living the Liturgical Year (brief aside: I always get a thrill of excitement when we get to daily Mass and see red vestments - of course, I just admitted that I don't always make myself aware of the saints' feast days ahead of time!).  Here are a couple of my favorite Jesse Tree resources.  One reason I chose these (apart from the fact that they really are my favorites) is that not as many people know them as Catholic Icing, etc. (which are also great).

So I can't wait for Advent! Without further ado, with photo credit to my friend, Lindsey, here are my Jesse Tree ornaments from the exchange!


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