Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Look At My Kids Askance Because They're Not in School...

I'm not the only one to whom this has happened...over and over and over! We have been taking it kind of (okay, very) easy with school for the past couple of weeks.  My husband has been off of work.  My twins had their birthdays (and, in the tradition of their paternal grandmother, they didn't just celebrate once; they celebrated many times).  We are transforming our playroom into a bedroom for M-C.  There are lots of reasons.

To that end, we have been out and about in public A LOT during school hours.  At the mall.  At restaurants.  At the grocery store.  Sometimes I *know* people are looking at me funny (although, to be honest, doesn't it seem like there are so many kids out and about in public during the day lately that it feels like the homeschool revolution is in full swing? If the revolution has started, I'll bring the catapults - you know, the ones we've all made to demonstrate either physics, medieval warfare, or something!).

I digress.  My kids may not be doing formal school right now, but this was the scene in my living room last night around 8:00.

Circuits were being completed and sirens were being heard.  I guarantee they didn't think they were doing school.  So, I really don't worry if we are not in the schoolroom at 8:30 of a Wednesday morning.  My kids are learning.

Then there is that tiny matter of the fact that we school year-round, so while all those public school darlings are laying around the pool or the house, we're, um, well, reading great books, watching wonderful documentaries, playing on the iPad.  Gee, that doesn't sound a whole lot like school either.  I think I need to have a talk with my children's teacher.

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