Monday, December 17, 2012

How Much Time Off Is Too Much?

One of my big "things" is that we school year-round, but this year we have ended up taking off the last six weeks, and it is definitely likely that we will not start up again until after the New Year.  I'm pretty sure, my friends, that that counts as the equivalent of a summer vacation.  The fact is, though, that I can't get it all done right now unless we take some time off.  The following things are breathing down my neck:

  1. Changing the playroom into Mary-Catherine's room
  2. Keeping up with my edHelper work, my work for my main client, Colby, and my weekly writing for BellaOnline
  3. Trying desperately to free my house from the junk stranglehold on it right now

I love doing school, but I just can't fit it in right now.  I can just hear all of the public school advocates shrieking "A-HA!" triumphantly.  Sigh.  As I've said before, though, I honestly believe learning takes place all the time.  Last night my kids watched a double-feature of Raging Planet and they learned a ton about lightning and volcanoes.  Actually, they were a little peeved because they already knew everything about volcanoes and they were disappointed not to get some new information.  Can I pull out the lesson planner and check off Science for yesterday? Oh...wait a minute:

    4.   Endeavoring once and for all to make lesson plans and stick to them. 

Double sigh. 

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  1. I totally understand this! When my kids were younger we schooled year round, but I only did school 4 days a week. Now we take off 3 weeks at Christmas, the month of May for our 4-H things, and the month of August for summer. Plus numerous sick days, cleaning catch-up days, errand running days....don't worry. If we counted every moment that they were learning something, I think we would be doing "school" longer than the public school kids.

    Hang in there! :-)