Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Couple of Great Mother's Day Deals

There are a couple of really great deals going on right now for Mother's Day (if you or your mom is in to makeup or perfume).

First, Stila has everything on their site 40% off with the code STILAMOMS40. I would have said that maybe Stila wasn't really a Mom kind of brand...until I found out that my own mother (who is over 65) was using their eyeliner. Color me wrong! If you only get one thing from Stila, definitely consider the Kitten eye shadow. It's completely iconic and multitasks as a highlight.

If your mom loves perfume (and whose doesn't?), make sure to shop at Sephora before 5/11/14. They are doing 3X points on fragrances until then. If you are a Beauty Insider who really wants to get VIB status, one perfume purchase can get you there with this offer (if, like me, you are more than halfway there already). If, like me, your signature scent is not cheap:

Those points will add up *fast*. 

One other quick Sephora mention that has nothing to do with Mother's Day, but it is Limited Edition, so it does bear a shout-out for summer: 

This "Sol de Rio" Sephora bronzer is HUGE. I can't find the exact weight (and mine is still in the mail - I dithered at the store but ordered it as soon as I got home), but it is at least 30% larger than a standard compact. It will last forever. I swatched it next to Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil and Milk Chocolate Soleil, and color-wise, it is right between the two of them. It is super-soft and very blendable. I won't go so far as to get a back-up, but value-wise, I would seriously say that you can't do better than this. 

As for my mom, if I have to be honest, she will probably get a Hobby Lobby GC for Mother's Day because you should get your mom what she really wants and not what you want her want. However, she is going to a 50th reunion next month, and I am going to make her let me do her makeup before that. Maybe for her birthday she'll be open to Kat Von D's Lock-It Powder Foundation! Now that, my friends, is a miracle of a face powder! Happy Mother's Day :-)

I'm going back to homeschooling now!

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