Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kindle Unlimited and Homeschooling

Last week, I wrote about the new book subscription service Kindle Unlimited. In that post I mentioned that I had not had much time yet to explore whether or not there were a lot of books that would benefit homeschoolers. I just wanted to write a quick update to my previous post to let you know that I have spent a lot more time (as in *many* hours) browsing the Kindle Unlimited offerings since that post and I am happy to report that there are HUNDREDS (and probably thousands - I'll let you know) of books that would enhance any homeschool!

So far I have only browsed the history offerings (not gonna lie - I started with what I loved). I went ahead and made a wishlist (and made it public) just to keep track of some of what I was finding. I am not going to vouch for the worthiness of any of these books. Some I briefly downloaded to check out, but most I didn't. If you're interested, you can see that list here. I will keep adding to it regularly (adding books to a wishlist is like compulsive shopping, yes? It's just cheaper!).

Just as a sample, a publisher called Charles River Editors has hundreds of books, most of which are available on Kindle Unlimited. Each is about 45-70 pages, and they cover many topics ranging from the history of various Native American tribes, to ancient cities and civilizations, to the history of Iraq, Syria, and ISIS. An example of one of the books is below.

Honestly, there are so many books available that the sky is the limit. Also, they seem to be adding new books every day. I think that Kindle Unlimited is the best deal around. No, there are no affiliate links in this post - I am just a bibilomaniac - er bibliophile - and I want to share that obsession (I mean love!) with everyone I can! 

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