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Review of 3P Learning's Mathletics

Mathletics Online Math Review
It's possible that you may not have heard of 3P Learning - I hadn't prior to reviewing its product - but I am more than willing to bet that you have heard of Mathletics! Mathletics is a math supplement website for grades K-12 that has something to offer all kids. Both Michael (9) and Nicholas (11) have been loving it for the past couple of months.
Mathletics Online Math Review
Mathletics has over 1,200 individual adaptive practice activities. Within each grade level, there is a list of activities like this one for 7th grade (the one Nicholas is doing): 

Selecting one of the activities from the list on the left (from which you can choose easier, core, or harder) will then bring up the secondary menu on the right. When you choose from that menu, you will begin your problems:

As you work through these series of problems, you earn medals, which you can see in the first screenshot, and which are explained here:

Essentially, they give you a snapshot of your mastery. In addition to working through the regular grade level progress of Mathletics, you can play Mathletics Live against other Mathletes all over the world (or just against the computer if you prefer):

Apart from the core Mathletics program (the practice problems highlighted above), there are a host of other features in Mathletics that are all too easy to overlook, but which are wonderful added benefits of your subscription.

First, there is the parent center accessed via your own login (each child also has an individual login to Mathletics).

Via the Parent Center, you can access every grade level. You can look at guides for problem types and walkthroughs of problem examples. Most importantly, you can print the Mathletics workbooks. You can print the workbooks by the entire year (both student and teacher editions), or you can print them by sections (as shown below):

It is via the Parent Account that you also are able to assign tasks to your child.

Of course, you don't have to use the Parent Center at all. You can just turn your child loose on his grade level and let him go! Mathletics will email you a weekly progress report!

How We Used it and What We Thought

It's funny. My boys are so different. As you can see from Nicky's screenshots above, he is all over the place with Mathletics. He jumps around and doesn't complete sections. He's happy with sub-par scores. Michael is completely different.

I love that Mathletics can accommodate both of them! 

Technically, Mathletics is a supplementary program. It is not meant to be used as a standalone math program. I guess because it is summer, I have been letting Nicky and Michael use it that way, though. Because the concepts they are practicing are review for them, it's working well that way. Even better, it's approaching these already-learned concepts in new ways, so the program is challenging them. The best part? They both love doing it. Nicky actually has a subscription Algebra program that is about to expire, so I have been pushing him hard to finish it. Every morning I say, "Do (subscription Algebra program) first, and then you can do Mathletics." Every morning he comes to me to tell me he has finished math. I ask if he did his Algebra. "No - I did Mathletics." We can discuss his obedience problems in another post (oh, and we will!), but for now - suffice it to say that he really loves Mathletics. 
Nicholas' take on Mathletics: "I like Mathletics because when you get an answer wrong, it explains it. There are links to videos on how to do the problems. I also like being able to personalize my avatar and spend credits like money."

Michael, too, whose personality is completely opposite Nicky's, really likes Mathletics. His assessment:

"It's fun - I like the way it teaches you, and I like the way if you get questions correct you get a reward."

Clearly, the reward incentive works well for 9 and 11 year-old boys!

Mathletics is available right now for only $59 per year, per student. It is normally $99 per year, per student. I think it is a good deal at $99, but at $59, I am seriously considering renewing my own subscription. My boys don't need to be told to work on math - that's worth a lot more than $59!

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