Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Aftermath

I like love require quiet. Having said that, there is nothing I love more than seeing these 8 kids together. Somehow, my sister and I ended up with the exact same family. I have four children 13, 11, 10, and 10. She has four children 13, 11, 11, and 8 (almost 9). Together, we have 8 children all born within 50 months of each other. Basically, they are all the same age. Oh, and my sister and I are 15 months apart in age. How wonderful is that? Did I mention our kids all get along really well together? 

I know my kids get tired of me telling them over and over (repeatedly, even) that their siblings are the best friends they will ever have, but it's true. I don't want them to waste time squabbling and being ugly now when they could be getting along and enjoying each other now. I'm a realist. I had (have) five brothers and sisters. I remember being so angry with them (well, two of them - the younger ones didn't bother me much) that I thought I could cheerfully kill them. That doesn't mean that I don't want my kids to strive to rise above the petty garbage! You will know your siblings longer than you will know anyone else in your lifetime - your parents, your children, your friends - anyone. I have known my big sister for coming up on 40 years now. My earliest memories are of her. Of course I have known my parents just as long, but I am guessing that she and I will outlast both of them. I have only known my husband half as long, and I will consider myself blessed if I get 40 years with him. Same with my children. 

In any case, I wish I could see my sister(s) more and I wish my kids could see their cousins more. (Did you happen to notice the game they are playing? It's Snake Oil. When I review something on my blog and say my kids love it, I'm not just saying that - they really do love it! They couldn't wait to take it to Grammy's house to play with their cousins! Their uncle liked it, too!) I always say I'm going to make family things more of a priority, but daily life just take so much out of me. Being on vacation this last week has been WONDERFUL...I am so grateful to have a job, but it has been quite delightful not having to do it!

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